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Building for the future. Sustainably.

Introducing a prefabricated mass timber classroom building designed to last.

Leading the way to a better future.

TimberQuest™ offers a high-quality, cost-competitive, superior classroom designed with a sustainable solution that is California Division of State Architect pre-approved for rapid installation at California K-12 Public schools and Community Colleges.


Key Features

  • DSA Pre-Checked (PC) Approved

  • Flat Pack Prefabrication with construction completion in 10 weeks or less

  • Flexible design can accommodate 3 to 9 classrooms per building, office spaces, conference rooms, and breakout spaces with highly flexible interiors

  • 50+ Year Building—High quality materials and detailing, comparable to any quality custom building

  • Energy efficient by 35-60% better than Title 24 plus, solar and net zero capable

  • Cost of TimberQuest products is on par with other nonrelocatable modular construction options

  • Biophillica sustainable solution that promotes student and staff wellness 

  • TK Title 5 Compliant

Customizable Plans

Choose from 9 DSA pre-checked and pre-approved interior layout options, which can be combined into a variety of
configurations and still be used for over-the-counter DSA permits. Custom interior layouts are also easily incorporated due to
our column-free interior and non-load-bearing interior partitions.

Pre-Designed Layouts


Building Layout Examples


The Team

Our team is comprised of local industry leaders in educational design and construction. This award-winning integrated team provides educators with the full-service expertise needed to rapidly deploy modern classroom learning environments that support growing communities.

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Serving public and private schools throughout Northern California.

Talk with us to learn more.

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